Kyle Ann & Potter
"I lost my heart and soul dog, Potter, to an aggressive heart-based cancer in the summer of 2015.  When I created a small non-profit, Paws4Potter, in his memory, Toki Poki was so incredibly helpful in creating a set of special trading cards to help spread awareness for pet cancer in our local communities. Everyone was so helpful by phone and e-mail and allowed me to preview cards before printing. They are high-quality trading cards with a personal touch, and I would recommend these cards to anyone."
Kyle Ann, Paws for Potter
The Living Room Lions
"The folks at TOKI POKI™ put so much care and skill into preparing these cards. They are so well made, incredibly artistic and feature brief backstories on each of the animals which is amazing. What is even more is amazing is that TOKI POKI™ donates these cards to children's hospitals to spread joy to some very special children that can surely use it! TOKI POKI has the whole package, excellent products and awesome people that make them."
The Living Room Lions
Jessica & Diego - Arfordable Trainding
"I discovered TokiPoki a few years ago and couldn’t be happier with the amount of positivity spread with these cards. We use them for promotion of our business and sharing my dog’s story during Therapy Dog visits. The team at Toki Poki was easy to work with, creative, collaborative and the quality of the cards are unmatched. I will be a lifelong repeat customer!"
Jessica Davis, Arfordable Dog Training
Michele + Wyatt
"I highly recommend Toki Poki pet trading cards and all of my pet's have one! They are not only fun and of high-quality, but they are also a fantastic way to celebrate the special bond we share with our pets. Every time I give away one of my pet's trading cards, it brings a smile to my face."
Michele, The Wyatt Express
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