The Magic Begins
Christy and Toki

Toki and I met in February of 2000 when she jumped up and grabbed onto my sweatshirt sleeve. All I could see were her little black, bug eyes staring at me over my chomped-on arm. “Will you be my Valentine?” she implored with her eyes. I accepted and we were inseparable from that day on.

First Diagnosis
Toki's First Diagnosis

In 2006, Toki was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor. After several tests and 2 surgeries, Toki came home with what we refer to as her 6″ tummy tuck, wearing an aqua blue body stocking to hold all of the stitches in place. As I watched her lying in a sunbeam with a frozen bag of corn on her belly, I promised Toki her very own website once she recovered. Several days later, her biopsy results came back with clean margins, deeming her cancer-free. HURRAY!

How It Started

We had many brainstorming sessions about her website that went hand in hand with daily walks and belly rubs. During a meeting with my sports trading card clients, it occurred to me that I couldn’t truly relate to their industry since I’m not a big sport fan. It should be no surprise that my thoughts wandered… the idea sparked… and the light bulb turned on! PET TRADING CARDS! So with this crazy idea, Toki and I set out to build her pet trading card website and officially launched TokiPoki.com in early 2010.

Road Trip!
Toki Hits the Road

To celebrate, I put away the computer, put everything in storage and Toki and I jumped in the car, leaving Los Angeles for a cross-country road trip that lasted 5 months. To promote TokiPoki.com, we visited pet stores, crashed pet parties and hung out at dog parks nationwide. Toki was a pawesome navigator and a not so good back seat driver.

Boy Meets Dog
Toki meets Ryan

In Rhode Island, we met 11-year-old Ryan Agnew, who recruited at least 60 pets in his neighborhood!

The Purpose
Hasbro Children's Hospital

It was Ryan, a recent liver transplant patient, who suggested Toki Poki® pet trading cards be delivered to the kids in hospitals. Toki agreed and so began our passion of “Pet Trading Cards with a Purpose.”

Toki's Travels
Toki in Times Square NYC

During our adventures, Toki handed out her trading card and became friends with every one she met… whether it was on the streets of New York City, the sands of Santa Barbara, or the mountains of North Carolina.
Toki a the beach in Santa Barbara

Pet Trading Cards
Toki Poki Buddy Pet Trading Cards

Pet trading cards became a great way for pets and their people to connect in a fun and memorable way. (Some people even think your pet is a celebrity when they have their own trading card! LOL)

Toki Poki's 1st Howloween Collection
Sabrina looking at her Toki Poki cards

Sabrina enjoying her pet trading card collection for Howloween. Check out the costumes!

Superhero Pets
Toki Superhero Trading Card

Toki loved nothing more than to make children smile. Her small Boston Terrier frame did not match her big-dog personality. Over the years, Toki transformed into canine cancer superhero, “My-T-Dog,” winning many battles with canine cancer. Her resilience and loving nature were her super powers!

Toki visiting with kids

The Lone Star State
Toki in Texas

After our journey, we settled in my Texas hometown and established the Toki Poki® Petquarters.

Children's Hospital Deliveries
Packing Bunny Hop Trading Cards

Toki welcomed over a thousand members (each with their own pet trading card) representing 42 states, 10 countries and to date has delivered over 350,000 pet trading cards to children in hospitals nationwide.

Toki Poki Motorsports
Toki Poki Racing for Rescues

Toki loved being a dirty desert dog and hanging out with her offroad team. The TPM Racing “5 car” was a sweet ride… and almost as fast as Toki!

Toki Poki Racing for Rescues

Morgan proudly wearing her Toki Poki "Racing for Rescues" tee

Canine Cancer Hero
Toki Puppy Up Trading Card

Toki was honored to lead the PuppyUp! Walk in San Antonio, TX as their 2012 Canine Cancer Hero. The Puppy Up Foundation is committed to discovering the common links between canine and human cancers and the causes of these cancers through comparative oncology research. Toki always supported cancer awareness causes!

Toki Supporting Cancer Awareness

Pawparazzi Pets
Toki has her own Pawparazzi Pet

Toki was the ONLY real animal to have a Pawparazzi Pet created after her likeness. No photos please! 😉

Toki & her Toki
Toki has her own Pawparazzi Pet

Toki loved her Pawparazzi “Toki.”

Superhero Pawty
Toki Superhero Pawty

Over 75 superhero pets in San Antonio teamed-up in March of 2014 for a tail-waggin' Toki Poki Superhero Pawty in celebration of Toki’s 100th Birthday. Two of Toki's superhero furiends, Cooper and Teddy, flew in from California! It was a pawty to remember! 

Deer Friends
Toki with her deer friends

During her last year, Toki lost her eyesight and hearing but it didn't stop her. Toki's favorite spot was in the front yard, hanging out with her “deer” friends and eating watermelon.

A New Angel
Toki Puppy Up Trading Card

My-T-Dog succumbed to her 10-year battle with cancer in 2015. Toki is not forgotten and continues to be the soul and strength of Toki Poki®, bringing smiles to kids of all ages. Although she’s traded in her superhero cape for beautiful angel wings, she is remembered for her loving spirit and willingness to be the crusader against canine cancer and the inspiration for Toki Poki® “Pet Trading Cards with a Purpose.”
~ Christy (Toki’s mom)

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